Don’t Ignore Mobile Browsers

My Dad texted me a link to an article about making better use of LinkedIn. When I clicked on the link to open it in mobile Safari, the webpage displayed the article’s title, a stock photo vaguely related to the subject of the article, and handful of ads. Everything but the article. I clicked on the photo and the article’s title, and the webpage flashed without a change in content.

The article came from Parade Magazine, an old world publication. Their publisher is Condé Nast, an old world publisher with a decent websites, among them. While Wired has its own domain, Parade’s address is I guess they either don’t care about the experience of those who would read articles on their website, or don’t realize that the experience is terrible, and in some cases (iPhone Safari) impossible.

With mobile browsing quickly becoming the majority of people’s browsing experience publishers may want to spend a little more time and attention to responsive web design.

And the irony of this post isn’t lost on me. If a magazine is going to write about a web property, and repost the article on their website, make sure people can actually read it online.

Jon Stewart and Matt Taibbi discuss the different treatment afforded to ‘street’ based drug users and white-collar criminals profiting from the drug trade.

………………….. sorry, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Wow!

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