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While I very much enjoy services like Tumblr and Instapaper, and I love the new eye candy they’ve released recently, one of the releases breaks my workflow. Instapaper makes it more difficult to post a link with blockquotes. Any time you select text and share, it treats the post as a Quote, instead of a link. This means you can no longer quote somethinng then add snarky comments.

Something, something, digging in the wrong place, something, something, bad dates and, yeah, you get numbers somewhere between zero million and 1,000 million. So she’s in the ballpark.


Kevin SlavinToxoplasmosisEyeo Festival (2013)

Kevin Slavin, from the MIT Media Lab, gives a short Ignite talk on toxoplasmosis comparing it’s effects to internet memes. Not for the faint of heart.

Great video. Cats suck.

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Driver rants against cyclists are of course nothing new. It’s been pointed out in this space before, most skillfully by Sarah Goodyear last year, that cycling haters are actually a sign of cycling success. As major American cities embrace multimodal transportation and balanced mobility networks, cycling has shifted from an outsider enterprise to the mainstream. That shift, in turn, has produced a new psychological strain for drivers accustomed to the belief they own the road.

-Strange As It Seems, Cycling Haters Are a Sign of Cycling Success

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It would be nice if we had more bike lanes. It dangerous for a bicyclist pedaling at 15-25mph to be on the road with traffic driving 45-55mph. Frankly, I think it’s suicidal on the part of the bikers. More. Ike lanes please.

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Pensacola, Florida, wins for 2014’s most frightening cloud.

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That’s impressive.

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